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We bring manicures & pedicures to you.

Enjoy self care that is convenient,

professional and fun.

How it works

select your building

We partner with residential apartment buildings to offer convenient manicure and pedicure services in the comfort of your home.

pick your service

We offer regular and gel manicures and pedicures by licensed nail technicians that come from some of the most exclusive salons in the U.S.​

choose when works best for you

Flexibility to fit within your busy schedule. First come, first serve.

Our most popular services


$35 Classic; $50 Gel
Filing, trimming, shaping, cuticle treatment, hydrating hand massage, and your choice of regular or gel polish


$55 Classic; $69 Gel
Filing, trimming, shaping, cuticle treatment, exfoliating treatment, hydrating foot and calf massage, and your choice of regular or gel polish

Mani & Pedi Combo

$79 Classic; $111 Gel
Indulge in our full hand to toe pampering with filing, trimming, shaping, cuticle treatment, exfoliating treatment, and a hand, foot, and calf massage, followed by your choice or regular or gel polish

Why work with us?

The Best Pros

It’s not just a manicure or a pedicure. It’s about looking and feeling your best everyday. We make that happen by bringing the best nail technicians right to your home. They are all licensed, background check verified, and many have worked at fashion shoots and for celebrities.

Safety Matters

A safer alternative to the traditional nail salon, Piers Laine delivers personalized experiences in a 1:1 setting. With cleanliness as our top priority, we use single-use disposable tools whenever possible, require everyone to wear full PPE, and follow strict hospital-grade sanitation guidelines before, during, and after each appointment. For additional details on our safety precautions, read here.


We offer a more convenient alternative to the traditional salon by coming directly to your home. No more driving, walking, or waiting. Save time by having us come to you.

what others have to say

Perfection all around! 10/10 can’t wait to have Gladys back ASAP.
Jen A.
I thought I was in love with the first nail tech and now I’m in love with this nail tech! I’ll forever be a customer. 💕🥂
Matha F.
Loved my technician - would want to use her again!
Natasha F.
My technician was amazing! Thank you so much for offering this service in my building. Would it be possible to book a standing appointment for every Friday morning, preferably with Gloria?
Gianni C.
Loved the service and am already anticipating booking another appointment!
Justin A.
Wonderful experience, can’t wait to book again! 😄
Dominika L.
Would love for you to partner with my building to be a regular service offered here. 🙂
Amy P.
This is such a great service and I hope you can continue to come to the building. 🙂
Fran K.
I loved this! I felt so pampered in my own home. Thank you for the opportunity!
Kelly M.
Nandu did an amazing job and it was so nice to have a pedicure from the comfort of my couch.
Sarah G.
Technician was awesome!
Meagan R.
I would definitely recommend Miok, she’s very sweet.
Thalita R.
Everything was very nice! Will use your services again.
Linda R.
So glad the services came to 11 Hoyt!
Katie F.
Javia and I agree, we'd like to continue to bring the service to our residents at Silverman.
Anne M.
I had a great experience!
Cori P.
Willow was an amazing technician and conversationalist. I will definitely schedule her again!
Ruta S.
Great first experience—happy to leave public reviews elsewhere. Convenient, tech prompt and friendly, and great selection of colors.
Ami R.
Service was fantastic. Hope to use you again!
Kara B.
Provide more time slots!
Wanshu W.
Loved the experience. It was convenient and my technician was so accommodating, especially since I have a dog. Would love for an invoice or second email to be sent out after the appointment to provide additional tips over the amount already prepaid.
Gianni C.
Add more services like dipping powder for manicures. Was an awesome experience.
Onia W.
I'm very happy with this service and will be booking you again. 🙂 It was a great experience.
Jennifer F.
Pls could I have Anju again? She was really very professional and delightful.
Laila G.
The service was great! My technician felt like my friend.
Kristen R.
Anju was amazing and so kind! Thank you!
Sofia A.
I really enjoyed my last visitor technician and I’d love to have her all the time. She is very good, precise and I’m glad to meet her.
Bo K.
Technician was excellent!
Leyla N.
She was great, it was a lot of fun and great price. It was perfect!
Lauren M.
So professional, quick and convenient! My technician Anju was so friendly and experienced!
Katie T.
I can’t think of anything I didn’t like. Great service and I hope you will keep coming back to the building!
Lauren L.

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