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Join The Team

We’re currently seeking licensed nail technicians to join our fast growing team at Piers Laine.

Opportunities are in the following locations:

Opportunities are in the following locations:





jersey city

Fairfield county

Why work with us?

  • Schedule flexibility – Create your own hours means you can work full time or part time, on the days and hours of the week of your choosing.
  • Competitive wages – In addition to commission and tips, there will be opportunities for you to earn bonuses the more you work with us.
  • Limited travel means more money By partnering with residential buildings on select dates, travel time between appointments is just the length of an elevator ride. By reducing travel time between appointments, you’ll have time to complete more services, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.
  • Be the voice of our customer Tell us what they like and don’t like and help create a business where you’ll love to work.

Join us! To get started, send us an email at